What happens in therapy?

The emphasis is on finding solutions that work for you. During therapy you will learn to look at your thoughts and beliefs and to understand the link to your behaviours, mood and physical reactions.

Initially, I will help you to identify problems that you want to address and help you to develop realistic goals that you want to achieve.

  • Unhelpful behaviours ( avoidance, substance misuse)
  • Thinking distortions ( catastrophising)
  • Negative emotional states ( hopelessness, guilt)
  • Physical symptoms ( palpitations, shaking, aches and pains)
  • Life events ( such as road traffic accidents, relationship problems, redundancy)

Therapy can be weekly or fortnightly depending on your needs. Together, we would formulate a treatment plan. A typical treatment plan would look like this.

  • Assessment
  • Agree problems and goals
  • Achieve goals and outcomes
  • Relapse prevention
  • Evaluation of treatment
  • Discharge

Treatment usually takes between 8-12 sessions.


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